Dorina is on PWC-NY Membership Committee

At a very early age, Dorina realized failure was not an option, that personal challenge was where she thrived, and that science provided that perfect platform for her life’s work. Dorina has never stopped pushing and discovering new obstacles making her a leader among her peers.

Today she is an environmental engineer and project manager for Hydro Tech Environmental Engineering and Geology, DPC and is based in New York City. Currently, she is on assignment for a World Bank funded project in Baghdad supporting the Republic of Iraq in the reconstruction of damaged infrastructure and the restoration of public services delivery areas impacted by terrorist activity. Tomorrow she will be the environmental team leader of all new real estate development in all market sectors. If you’re interested in this same market, Dorina Aliu is an important person to know. She will help you understand potential pitfalls,
and financial obligations to make your ideal real estate development project become a reality.”

This post was written by Jessica Moreno, Project Director, Stantec, PWC Membership Committee

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