Skanska & PWC – When Values Align

Skanska has been a supporter of the Professional Women in Construction organization in the Metro NY region for over 10 years and was extremely proud to become a Diamond sponsor this year. First and most importantly, we strongly believe in PWC’s mission to support, advance, and connect women in the AEC industry, a mission that aligns closely with our own diversity values to “Be Better – Together.”

PWC supports this mission through high quality, relevant programming that attracts a wide range of professionals for terrific educational and networking opportunities, and Skanska highly values these events as places for professionals (particularly women) to connect. The PWC network is an asset to everyone involved, not only because it connects resources, but also because so many participants are willing to share their expertise and help each other in accordance with PWC’s mission.

Skanska and PWC are also aligned on the importance of mentorship, and we were especially excited that PWC decided to begin its own industry mentorship program about two years ago. The Skanska Women’s Network has hosted an employee mentorship program for the past 5 years and has seen the value grow exponentially over time. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to share lessons learned from our internal program to help shape a successful PWC mentorship program, bringing together a group of experienced and emerging professionals to provide even broader industry perspective. The Mentorship Program improves year over year, and we can’t wait to see where it goes!

Skanska’s involvement with PWC over the past decade has been based on our desire to support an organization with which we are aligned on being champions of diversity, supported by fantastic programming. However, we have found over the past 2 years that our official sponsorship has transformed into a harmonious relationship which is mutually beneficial for both parties. PWC has been consistently open to exploring various ways to achieve mutual benefit so as to make the sponsorship a win-win for all. Skanska has truly enjoyed supporting this wonderful organization and seeing its growth under Chelsea LeMar’s leadership over the past few years. We look forward to continuing our support in the years to come, and would encourage any other AEC firm with strong diversity values to do the same.

Sarah Epifano, Senior Director of Business Development, Skanska USA Building
Rebecca Clark, Operations Executive, Skanska USA Civil

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  1. Erika Santillan

    Very exciting to see this. Will you be opening up a Chapter in California soon?

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