A Message From Fran

New York

October 29, 2019

The below post was written by PWC’s former employee, Frances Wilson. Frances’s reflection on her time while working at PWC offers an example of just how powerful a network like PWC can be for those who are involved. Read the message Frances wrote to the PWC community prior to moving on to her new job below:

Dear PWC Community, hi, it’s Fran here.

I have an update to share with you: my last day at PWC, as an employee, will be March 20th, 2018. I wanted to take this opportunity, before I leave, to let you know a few things:

  1. How I plan to stay involved with PWC. I will be staying in the industry and I plan to become involved with PWC, but this time – as a Member! I’ll be the Strategy & Operations Manager at Navillus, a large contractor here in NYC and my hope is to soon become a member of PWC after joining their team.
  2. How much I enjoyed working for you. To Chelsea, to our Chapter Board of Directors (and past Directors), to our Annual Sponsors, to our Committee Members, and to our Members and event attendees, thank you for your support and friendship over my years at PWC. I have been so lucky to work for you. My work at PWC has been incredibly rewarding because of the relationships and common mission that connects us all. You are all awesome.
  3. How much you have inspired me. You are the ones driving the A/E/C industry forward in a direction that is more dynamic, sustainable, inspiring and equitable. Thank you for inspiring me with your dedication to such an important organization and mission. And thank you for showing me just how powerful and essential a community, like PWC is. In my years here at PWC, I have been to countless PWC events highlighting inspiring industry experts, majority of whom happen to be women, I’ve watched PWC volunteers and interns get their dream jobs through the PWC network, heard of numerous business deals that have happened because of PWC connections, listened to stories of how PWC exposure has led to promotions, seen how this community comes together for those going through unexpectedly hard times, and how our committees have offered members a place to develop valuable industry relationships while bonding over an important mission. I also got to be a part of the inaugural PWC Summit this year, and I have to say, being in a room with that many powerful industry women is something that will stay with me forever.
  4. How PWC has advanced my own career. This is what PWC is all about, right? Moving women up in the industry. Well in my two and a half years at PWC, as Business Operations & Development Manager, I have learned what it takes to run a business with a small team and limited resources, and I have grown my expertise in business strategy and operations – thinking about new ideas to bolster member engagement and how we can leverage technology to make our organization more successful. PWC has grown significantly over the last years and whether you’ve noticed it or not, you are all benefiting from the improved systems that we have in place. Because of the work I’ve done at PWC, I’ve been offered the position of Strategy & Operations Manager at Navillus, one of the largest contractors in NYC, where I will be working to bring key projects to fruition including software implementation, website development and early stage ventures. I wouldn’t be where I am today without PWC – so thank you, PWC community for advancing my career too. I look forward to staying involved and hope to have you as mentors as I progress in my new job and career.

Please stay in touch! Here is my contact info in the interim: francesfwilson@gmail.com

All the Best,


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