Call to Members: Videos for PWC’s 40th Anniversary

New York

October 29, 2019

Submit your member video and be a part of PWC’s 40th Celebration

Professional Women in Construction is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year and we want you to be involved!

As part of our celebration, we will be creating a video showcasing the history of our organization, where we are now, and where we are going. PWC’s Board of Directors is asking for your help – we are looking for a series of member-created videos that will showcase who we are and what this organization means to you. Please follow these simple steps to create your video and send it to us by August 17.

E-mail your finished video using the script and tips below to or Upload to Dropbox by 08/17

Video Script
Complete the following script to create your video:
My Name is: _______________ (First and Last Name)
I am a ___________ at __________ (Ex: I am an Associate Project Manager at ABC Construction)
I joined the PWC ________ (NY, CT, Boston, NJ or Philadelphia) Chapter in _______ (year)Then complete the following sentence with a single word. The ‘We’ is PWC. Be enthusiastic!
We are (a) ___________! (one to three words)

  • Repeat the words as enthusiastically as you can: _____________!

Provide a brief response to one of the following (one to two sentences)

  • Why did you join PWC?
    • “I joined PWC because…”
  • What is your favorite PWC memory?
    • “My favorite memory from PWC is…”
  • How has PWC helped you advance your career?
    • “PWC has helped me advance my career by…”
Tips for a Great Video


Set the stage

  • Find a quiet place to film
  • Pick a sunny room during the day
  • Make sure your light source is facing you, not behind you



Landscape Mode

  • Hold the phone horizontally or “landscape”
  • Have someone else take the video, use a tripod, or prop up/hold the camera far enough away so that you like how you are framed
  • Avoid digital zoom



Watch the Time

  • Try to keep the video at approximately 30-60 seconds
  • Don’t rush! Speak clearly and pause in between sentences


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PWC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1980. Contributions are tax deductible.

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