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The Woman of Achievement Award

2018-2019 Honoree: Melissa Sheffy, Network Interiors

The “Woman of Achievement” award is given annually to a candidate who has at least 15 years of experience in the industry, has demonstrably achieved excellence in her field, is dedicated to the advancement of women in the A/E/C field, and serves as a good role model.

The Rising Star Award

2018-2019 Honoree: Christine Longo, Whiting Turner

The “Rising Star” award is intended to honor exceptional women in the A/E/C industry who are recognized by their colleagues, mentors and peers as future leaders in the industry. The focus is on women who are identified as “rising stars” as opposed to women who have already achieved success or reached the apex of their careers. The honorees are women who are directly responsible for architecture, engineering and/or construction and who will someday take their place among the construction chiefs in our region. The “Rising Star” award is given annually to a candidate who has less than 7 years’ experience in the industry, and demonstrates — through her dedication, her work and her attitude — the capacity to attain the highest levels in her field.

The Excellence in Mentoring Award

2018-2019 Honoree: Laurann Askloff, Shipman and Goodwin

Mentorship is one of the most important leadership roles in the A/E/C industry. However, mentors are frequently overlooked and rarely rewarded. The Excellence in Mentoring Award was created to acknowledge an outstanding man or woman who has been a positive role model for women in our industry. Mentors from any industry discipline (architecture, engineering, construction, industry teachers, lawyers and industry marketing professionals) are eligible for this award.

The “Excellence in Mentoring” award is given annually to a woman or man who has been a positive role model for women in the A/E/C industry, has sustained a career commitment to mentoring and has had a positive effect on mentees.


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