Our Mission

Every woman has a story. The up and coming woman who is just beginning her journey has a story about where she came from and who she wants to be; the seasoned professional has stories from the road she took to build her career, and advice to offer to ease that journey for others.

Women in construction are still the minority, but we have a growing voice. Women in the industry should be celebrated, both for the achievements to date and for the achievements to come.

Professional Women in Construction (PWC) Philadelphia Chapter is all about women in the construction industry and their stories. We provide an inspiring atmosphere that allows women to learn from each other and grow through support, no matter where they are in their life or career. We are a community of professional women that provides an opportunity for connection and involvement with those who you can impact, and who can impact you.

PWC offers opportunities for women in construction:

  • to learn and to teach;
  • to mentor and to be mentored;
  • to introduce and to be introduced;
  • and to lead and be led.


We are a true peer group of women in construction. Join our dynamic and diverse group of women. Let’s write our next chapter together.

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