Sevda Imranova

Sevda Imranova

NYC, LA, London
Technology Expert & Woman-Owned Business

Ms. Imranova is the founder and CEO of CITADEL|NY, a high performance IT services provider and consultancy.  Known for her customer-first, can-do attitude, Sevda brings infectious energy, remarkable competence, and dynamic leadership to her company, its clients, and the CITADEL staff.

A positive, knowledgeable approach to addressing client needs is the first thing CITADEL’s customers notice.  Outstanding training is next.  What’s especially amazing is that Sevda has a way of making everyone smile, no matter how challenging the task at hand.  According to Sevda, “At CITADEL, we don’t do grouchy…”

Founded in 1998, CITADEL is a certified WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise).  Known by the company the firm keeps,  CITADEL’S partners and suppliers are the finest in the world, including professional levels of certification with such recognizable names as:  Microsoft, HPE, Nexsan, Adobe, Cisco, and DELL—to name a few.

Customers include organizations such as large government agencies, major not-for-profit enterprises, and some of the city’s most highly regarded law firms.

Whether it’s an enterprise-wide Microsoft Office 365 implementation, deployment of world-class SharePoint collaboration facilities, accelerating revenue generation with enhancements, strengthening your constantly threatened cyber security protocols, or major infrastructure optimization via cloud migration and new application development, Sevda and her team are uniquely suited to deliver results ahead of schedule and on budget.